This Privacy Policy shows which private information the user may share when setting up, operating and using the applications of Teknasyon Yazılım, address: Büyükdere Cd. Uso Center Plaza No:245 Kat:7 Maslak İstanbul ("Company") for weather forecast. In addition, this text also contains the information how the company receives, collects and uses such information. The user shall show due diligence and respect the basic legal rights the user's data protection and privacy in reference to all data received from the user. WEATHER ALARMS attaches great importance to the protection and security of our users' personal information. This Privacy Policy describes how WEATHER ALARMS will collect, use, share and process the personal information. The terms, given with the initials in capital letters, which are not defined in this Privacy Policy are defined in the terms of service of WEATHER ALARMS. By accepting the Privacy Policy of WEATHER ALARMS and/or using the Services, you accept collection, use, sharing and processing of the personal information described herein. Providing information from the WEATHER ALARMS is protected within the scope of current legislation about the Freedom of Expression and the Constitution. In this topic, see. Terms Of Service.

1. Collection of Personal Information
1.1 Installation and Use
When you install and use the Services, WEATHER ALARMS will gather your personal information and about the devices, which you use for interaction with our Services. Such information may include, for example, geographical location; your IP address; device ID information or original introductory information; the device manufacturer and the type; device and hardware settings; applications installed on your device; identity for advertising, advertising data, operating system; web browser; the operator; screen resolution; usage statistics; the default communication applications; access to the device's address book; the device records and event information; logs, keywords; versions of the Services that you use and how you are accessing those Services (through another web site or search engine of other services) as well as other information based on your interaction with our services; which pages you visit and the specifications you use in the services; the Services and features you are engaged in the Services; the content you watched, contents on which you commented or submitted to us and the ads that you are engaged and/or watched; the search terms you use; ordering information and other usage activities as well as the linked data from time to time by the servers of WEATHER ALARMS.

1.2 Services of Third Parties

You may submit your user details for the services of third parties to enable the running of the Services in association of the services of third parties along with the information of the Services of third parties and your usage of the third party services such as social network services and payment services (as the case may be paired with a photo). You may use such third-party services to create your user profile or share information with third-party services or to connect to our services or third party services related to your user profile, you can use to connect. The third party services in question are will automatically enable us to access certain personal information of you held by such services (for example, your payments, original credentials, content you watched, information about the contents you liked and the ads shown to you or you may have clicked on). You agree that we may gather, use and maintain the information provided by such third-party services in line with this Privacy Policy. You may check your personal information that you permitted us to access through the privacy settings of the third party services. We never save any passwords created for any third party services (EEA).

1.3 Contact Information
In cases where the WEATHER ALARMS application is downloaded from the Apple App Store, we will use only the information you allowed us for our services and your engagement with WEATHER ALARMS community. In addition to the contact details, if you choose to activate the use of third party services such as social networking services, WEATHER ALARMS may collect, store and use the list of descriptive information associated with the other services. You agree that the contact details that you shared with WEATHER ALARMS, are sent to be broadcasted in the database of WEATHER ALARMS, where a Release Certificate is laid out. This publication is protected within the scope of current legislation about the Freedom of Expression and the Constitution. In this topic, see. Terms Of Service.  

1.4 Other Information You Can Supply

WEATHER ALARMS may also provide you to share your experiences in using the Services or joining in the competitions, researches or other promotions. WEATHER ALARMS will collect such information that you supply in this regard and other information that you shared through the services or when you were in contact and interaction with us.

2. Use of personal information

2.1 Supply, development and customization of our Services
WEATHER ALARMS may use the collected information to supply to the users, partners, and third party providers of the services to procure, develop, analyze, use and customize. More specifically, Besides using such information for any purposes in all projects of Teknasyon Yazılım, WEATHER ALARMS may use the same for the applications and projects, given below and not owned by Teknasyon Yazılım:

a.      Providing your use and share of your information, your sessions or payment service providers, online services, social networking sites and other third party suppliers
b.      development of our services, business and activities
c.       providing content to 3rd party applications

2.2 Statistical Data Obtained from the Services

We use the personal information, collected or anonymized for statistics and analysis purposes. We may share such data with any third party. The information, which is made anonymous in such a way that no one can be identified or information collected with other information will not be regarded as personal information.

2.3 Customization of Ads and Communications

We may use the information collected as stated above for location and interest-based advertising, marketing messages and information. In addition, we may also use the information collected to measure the performance of our advertising and marketing services. You may be contacted for verification purposes or for the Services or special offers related news emails, SMS messages, notifications about the similar products and services of WEATHER ALARMS and our operational partners. In addition, the information collected will be used for responding you when you contact us.

2.4 Abiding Legislation, Preventing Forgery and Illegal Activities

We may use the collected information for;

 ·        Complying with applicable law,
 ·        Execution of our contracts
 ·        Protecting the rights and safety of WEATHER ALARMS users or any other person,
 ·        Verifying the user profile information in the eyes of third-party providers
 ·        Provide technical service functionality and data accuracy,
 ·        Solving problems,
 ·        Counterfeiting,
 ·        Identifying and preventing illegal activities or security violations.

3. Sharing and disclosure of personal information

As part of the functionality of the service, specified in the above Article 2, in addition to the sharing and disclosure of personal information WEATHER ALARMS may disclose the personal information for:

 a.      Complying with provisions of the law, or legal notices served to us,
 b.      Protecting and defending our rights and executing our contracts,
 c.      Provided to be in compliance with the legislation, in cases when deemed to be necessary for the safety and security of the users or public or other elements having importance for public.

Our company transfers such information to the potential partners, wishing to co-operate with us, trusted vendors, service providers, and other partners, who support our business and our services by giving technical infrastructure services, analyzing how to use our services, and measure the effectiveness of ads and services, making the payments easier. WEATHER ALARMS will request those third parties to take any institutional and technical measures for the protection of personal information and a way to keep track of the relevant legislation. WEATHER ALARMS may also share the personal information with any third party advertisers, agencies and networks. Such third parties may use the information for measurement services and targeted ads like building product analysis and marketing purposes and to improve the services they use.  Such information can be collected by the third parties in question by means of cookies and similar technologies. You may have more extensive information in this regard under the heading Our Cookie Policy. Your information may be disclosed/transferred or given to our affiliates or subsidiaries or affiliated legal persons and the organizations which may take over all or a significant part of our assets and by way of merger or consolidation.

4. Removing the Personal Information off the List and foregoing the advertising targets

If a User wishes to deactivate the Improved Searching Function, the Contact Information given by the relevant User shall be de-activated. The information shall not be used in WEATHER ALARMS database any more.

5.Security of Information and Transfer of Personal Information to other countries

In order to provide its services, WEATHER ALARMS may transfer the personal information to a series of countries and it may process them, retain them in such countries or benefit from cloud based services. WEATHER ALARMS may also give/disclose such information to its subcontractors in other countries with the purpose of retaining, storing and processing them. You agree and consent that WEATHER ALARMS may transfer your personal information written above for purposes in line with this Confidentiality Policy. In order to protect the information against the misuse of personal information, loss or unauthorized use of them, our company takes all the reasonable precautions. WEATHER ALARMS applies physical, electronic and procedural precautions so as to protect such information. In this frame, information shall be stored at drivers and be securely kept. It shall be protected in secure Networks where access is limited to small number of employees and personnel. However, none of internet or electronic storage methods are 100% safe.

6.Access to Personal Information and Updating of Such Information

WEATHER ALARMS, may renew, correct or delete on its own discretion or upon your request; the incomplete, incorrect or invalid information kept by WEATHER ALARMS relating to the provision of services.

These Services are not aimed at or provided for the persons who are not qualified and eligible to sign binding legal contracts as per the laws of the relevant country. WEATHER ALARMS does not collect any information from minors deliberately or unintentionally. In order to prevent collection of any personal information from children without their parents’/guardians’ consent, we would be glad to see such parents and guardians interested in the online activities of their children.

8. The amendments to this confidentiality policy

WEATHER ALARMS may change this Confidentiality Policy by announcing or without doing any announcements at any time. You are obliged to review this Confidentiality Policy from time to time. If there are any significant changes, WEATHER ALARMS shall inform the users with messages or when using the services. After publishing the notification of change, should you continue to use the Services shall be deemed as your acceptance of the changes of policy.


If you have further questions regarding the Confidentiality Policy of WEATHER ALARMS or wish to make any other requests on certain personal information, you should apply to WEATHER ALARMS.